The fundamental principle throughout all IJF events during the Covid-19 era is to Protect and Be Protected by wearing a mask, sanitising, distancing and respecting the recommendations of "the Protocol for resuming IJF events during the Covid-19 pandemic" hereafter referred to as IJF COVID-19 Protocol. All participants have the mutual responsibility to protect each other.
Each National Federation delegation participant (athlete, coach, team official, physiotherapist, doctor President etc.) must have read and understood the latest version of the IJF COVID-19 Protocol which can be found here:

Before travelling

Passports must be valid for at least 6 month from the date of arrival. Check if you need a visa, and if yes, request it from the LOC according to the details in the visa section.


Get an entry permission letter for entry to Hungary from LOC.


Upload travel information (arrival and departures) to


Book accommodation and send a detailed rooming list. Last minute changes can be accommodated whilst the delegation waits on the bus or outside the hotel.


Upload in advance to and present, on arrival, at least two (2) negative individual medical PCR COVID-19 test certificates (PCR-1 and PCR-2). Please make sure the certificate also has an English version. These PCR tests MUST be made a maximum of eight (8) days before arrival and taken a minimum of 48 hours apart. During this 8-day period you should stay isolated and limit contact with other people as much as possible. If you experience any kind of symptoms do not start to travel (even with two negative PCR tests). The Hungary government requires all arriving participants of World Championships to obtain and present on arrival to Hungary two (2) negative COVID-19 PCR test certificates in Hungarian or in English language. The tests are required to be made a maximum of five (5) days before arrival and 48 hours apart. Airlines may require you to show this on check-in and some airlines require the certificate to be no more than 72 hours before arrival in your destination (please check with your airline).


Upload just before arrival to an individual Liability Release Waiver (Liab-Waiv) up/2021/05/IJF_COVID-19_Protocol_Liabilit-1620205957.pdf and Declaration of Honour (Dec-of-Hon) up/2021/05/IJF_COVID-19_Protocol_Declarat-1620205959.pdf on the absence of symptoms for at least 14 days per delegate.

Days before athlete's competition day Coaches and other Team Officials can arrive when they choose,
but must quarantine while waiting PCR-3 test results
PCR-1 (everyone) (organised at place of residence) with a minimum of 48 hours before PCR-2
-3 Latest arrival* & PCR-3 (everyone)
Quarantine: waiting PCR-3 test results
-2 Quarantine: waiting PCR-3 test results
PCR-4 (For athletes ONLY )
-1 Weigh-in
0 Competition day

*This is the very latest arrival day for athletes. We highly recommend an earlier arrival.

Entering the Budapest
1. All border-crossing regulations must be followed regarding the validity of passports and visas, as applicable for each respective country.
2. All the participants must have a printed copy of the invitation lette from the Hungarian Judo Federation.
3. According to the Government Decree 408/2020 (30 August) on travel restrictions during the period of state of epidemiological preparedness, entering Hungary it is necessary to show up two (2) negative COVID-19 PCR test results in Hungarian or in English language. The tests are required to be made a maximum of five (5) days before arrival and 48 hours apart.

Entering the bubble
The event venues (hotels, sport hall, training hall etc.) will be classified as bubbles and to reduce risk a “bubble to bubble” concept will be used. People are NOT allowed to leave their bubble as contamination could occur endangering the safety of the event and the health of the participants.
The World Judo Championships Hungary 2021 hotel bubbles opens from: 31 May 2021. If due to flight schedules you need to arrive earlier, contact the Local Organising Committee (LOC) and they will assist you with a solution.

*1. PCR-3 test will be performed immediately upon arrival.

Collection place: Centralised test station in a tent at the parking lot at Hotel Arena.
Test collection times: 08:00-20:00 In case of early or late arrival there will be testing personnel available.
Results issued within: max. 24 hours
Extra requirements: PCR test: 4 hours before taking the test do not eat, do not drink, do not brush teeth, do not use mouth wash or nasal spray, do not smoke, do not have chewing gums or candies

Until test results are obtained, all participants must remain in their hotel rooms, where water and any paid meals will be ensured until the receipt of the test results.
2. PCR-4 test for athletes will be taken 24 hours before their weigh-in with the results delivered before the official weigh-in.
3. After PCR-3, for team officials, their will be a PCR test every four (4) days if required. After PCR-4, for athletes, their will be a PCR test every four (4) days if required.

Throughout your stay
1. Wash/sanitise your hands regularly, especially if you have had contact with a person or an object. Competitors should wash and disinfect their hands and feet regularly, especially before the warm-up and the contest.
2. No handshake - greet each other with a bow.
3. Wear a mask at all times (change it at least twice a day). Exceptions: masks are not obligatory on the Field of Play tatami, on the warm-up tatami whilst warming up or on the training tatami whilst training. Masks must be worn in dining areas at all times, except when sitting eating in designated areas.
4. Maintain 1.5 m distance at all times, except for competitors during training, their contests and during warming up with ONE PARTNER.
5. Submit yourselves to contactless temperature measurement by the organiser on arrival at the point of entry in the country, at accommodation premises, throughout the competition venue and at any official venue of the event, to be accepted by all accredited population. Anyone registering a high temperature will be asked to remain outside and their Delegation COVID-19 Manager, the LOC COVID-19 Manager and the IJF COVID-19 Manager will be contacted. An opportunity to recheck their temperature will be given, if it is still high a final decision will be made by the LOC COVID-19 Manager and the IJF COVID-19 Manager.
6. Close contact – a close contact (for the purpose of isolation/quarantine) is considered as a person who is/was:
• Sharing the same hotel room.
• Had face-to-face contact at a distance of less than two meters for more than 15 minutes (i.e. training or warm-up partner).
• Seated together in an aircraft or other means of transport without wearing a mask.

In case of a positive test result we will follow the Hungarian Federation Government/Ministry of Health procedure.

Quarantine period: Minimum 10 days
Quarantine hotel: Hotel Hungaria City Centre
Hotel address: Rákóczi út 90, 1074 Budapest, Hungary
Rates (per person per night, full board): 215 euro

Anyone with a positive test MUST stay in the quarantine hotel provided by the LOC. The cost must be paid by the National Federation.
If a positive person takes another test during the quarantine period:

If positive: Quarantine must be finished.
If negative: Quarantine must be finished.
When the quaratine period is over: The quarantine is over and the person does not have any symptoms, person can leave the country without any further tests.

Close contacts will also be traced and may be isolated/quarantined depending on the LOC Ministry of Health procedure. Please note their definition of close contact may differ from that described in the IJF protocol.

It is the responsibility of the National Federation to ensure that in addition to their normal insurance they have sufficient insurance in place to cover any COVID-19-related costs. The LOC of the event and the IJF accept no liability for any claims relating to cancellation of the event due to COVID-19 or medical costs for any COVID-19 related illness that may affect a National Federation delegation member during the event.

Symptoms after arrival
Anyone who experiences symptoms after arrival must immediately contact their Team COVID-19 Manager who should then contact the IJF COVID-19 Manager:

IJF Covid Manager: Dr Peter HIDAS +36 30 933 3417
LOC Covid Manager: Ms Kata CSORBA +36 30 407 8890

Exit tests
Exit tests may be booked with the LOC, if required.

Where to book: At the central test station by the delegation COVID manager (online registration possibility TBC).
Price: PCR test: 75 EUR or 25 000 HUF per person;
AG test 35 EUR or 12 000 HUF per person.

Any questions pre-event please contact: